Heyyyyyyyyyyy guysssssssss (and the two girls on here)!!! If you're here, you're probably all like "Wow why is he even here what a weirdo just leave" but yeah. Awks. So I'm the Non-Twerk Bender, which means I can't twerk, which means my life is nothing. Sorry.
Scary Vine



This Is MeEdit

Hells yes I just quoted Demi Lovato. That woman is my wife and my life. Rhyme.

So anywho, hello all. I'm really werid, and awkward, and I be's 13 years old which is really young which I'm ashamed of but whaterr. I suck at editing and gifs and life, so taht's why this page is horrid unless Trae who is friggin amazeballs fixes it for me.

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My life is really boring, so I don't have anything fun to say, except that ALL you bitches be jealous cuz I have a song named after me. But don't mention that song ever again because it sucks ass. Ahem.

I am the Non-Twerk Bender and I am ashamed.Edit

So I'm the one person here that can't twerk or move my body in any sort of attractive and fun manner. Yay me. This is what I look like while everyone else is having fun:


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Can't Twerk